How Do Live Casinos Work?

 Playing online games is very much similar to a very classic table, nevertheless, live casino is a pretty much new form of online gambling. The main difference is that players can bet right from their places. Some people believe that only slots can make a better RTP and bring a better income, while others consider table games to be way more profitable than the traditional house edge. However, statistics revealed that both live and brick-and-mortar casinos have pretty much equal payout rates.

 Well-known and respectable live casinos which are in demand around the globe, more often apply the key game companies software. These companies are: NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play and many others. Tables on the Internet are usually run by a human, that’s what makes them so gripping and fascinating. Also, the fact that Singapore players are capable of betting via their PC or a console on their computer boosts its popularity. There is a live chat at their disposal 24/7, if there are any questions or needs as well. 

Why Do Live Games Deliver So Much Fun? 🎰

 The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system, which is a very special software, is usually applied to process the dealer’s transactions into data that makes it possible for players to be engaged in games seeing no difference between the online casino and the brick and mortar ones. Moreover, instead of being a completely automated process, the win of loss is defined by a man. Though live gambling is still widely popular in Singapore, it requires impressive sums of money to finance both staff and equipment. For each very basic casino to hire a cameraman, croupiers, a technician and a pit boss is a must so that the expenses is the main reason for those few games they offer. The majority of live casinos can offer you baccarat, blackjack, and roulette and that’s it. If we talk about online gambling, the running of virtual games is not that pricey.

 Compared to the current situation, since the very beginning of the online game industry, players weren't as much into all these online casinos and other venues. It can be revealed through the fact that online casinos lacked cutting-edge software technologies and did not vary in games. But the key issue was that players barely had any support chats within online games at that time. Luckily, all these inconveniences and barriers have been successfully removed for now. There are not many countries where you can legally play Brick-and-mortar casinos, so there is such a phenomenon known as “adventure tourism” which happens when players go abroad to enjoy gambling. So, there is a question for you: Would you love to play from your place? Nearly all main online casinos boast at least one studio they stream from but the fact is that most of them provide you with the opportunity to watch HD-streams from numerous rooms.

 One more essential thing is that there are barely any technical issues through the streaming thus you will 100% enjoy smoothing video. Technical aspect is not the only thing that makes live dealers so distinct. There we must admit the design and interior of the virtual studios. They very much resemble the most luxurious real casinos around the world, which is kind of impressive, don’t you think so? Also, there is a kind of “localization process” which means that many virtual studios are stylized to remind you of your home country. Based on the online casino, games are run in dozens of languages for the players all around the world to be enrolled in virtual gambling. The dominant online casinos boast a great variety of live casino games, such as: baccarat, poker, blackjack, roulette and many more, which you can be pleased to play via both desktop and mobile sites in Singapore.

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Key Components of Live Casinos 📝

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✔️ Cameras. There is no need to say that cameras are one of the most essential components of sick and high-quality live games streaming. The current top-notch technologies enabled people to design small HD cameras for streaming and for us to enjoy higher image quality. For instance, let's have a look at roulette. Basically, a roulette table comprises three cameras to overview the shots of the table, the wheel, and the third one to provide the picture on a display.

✔️ Game Control Unit. The Game Control Unit (GCU) is probably the most important thing in every live casino. Every table has a GCU installed. It is the size of a shoebox and applied to code the video broadcasted. The GCU is much of help while assisting the dealer to run the game. In short, not a game is possible without the GCU.

✔️ Wheel. It can vary from game to game, but the majority of live casino rooms possess a wheel. Casinos collaborate with main casino configuration manufacturers and in most cases wheels are equipped with sensors and the main casino interface. 

✔️ Dealer. Above-mentioned dealers are usually in charge of running games and making players see no difference between the online and the classic casino. Hardly a respectable casino would deal with a dealer who has no clue what the game rules are. Thus, all the dealers undergo training to fit in with a company. Thanks to technological progress and a smart card, every dealer’s step and action can be tracked down.

✔️ Monitor. The monitor displays in real-time what players see on their screens. A monitor is essential to the dealer too, as it enables them to act in case of emergency and helps to distinguish between the bets to be placed and those to be closed. Dealers, as well, see the players online thanks to a monitor. As previously mentioned, both players and dealers can message via live chat so that every single issue is tackled immediately.

✔️ Optical Camera Recognition Technology. Game industry has effectively adopted the Optical Camera Recognition system (OCR). In short, the technology traces everything happening in a certain game room and streams it directly to the players via a link. Players are capable of making bets with the help of a console on their PC. An operator is always there to provide any assistance needed and tackle every single issue through a live chat. The OCR system transforms everything into digital data. Any action taken, including those of card shuffling, wheel spinning and distribution of hands is captured by the Optical Camera Recognition system to make the process of playing online casinos pretty much similar to that available at brick-and-mortar casinos. 

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Live Dealers Casinos Provided by The Best Software Suppliers 👨‍💻

 Online casinos and dealers are there to meet the players’ need to enjoy blackjack, baccarat and roulette in real-time. Thanks to the top-notch technology and live streams players from Singapore can watch the whole gaming process and croupiers as if they were there standing in a traditional real casino. But the lion’s share of live casinos’ success lies in software companies providing all the necessary equipment. So that, let’s see the main distinct providers of software for online live casinos. It's important that games quality highly depends on a certain developer.

“Reputation matters”, that's the motto of the major suppliers who provide their clients with top products only. Some have already been considered a benchmark in the industry. Thus, cooperating with the best of the best makes us sure that, in the end, we get high-quality products. Further, there will be a list of top active game developing companies. Since these front companies have long ago been recognized worldwide through delivering best gaming solutions, most leading well-known Singapore casinos currently boast games from these top developers

Evolution Gaming

Established: 2006

Games: 200+

Location: Isle of Man

Evolution Gaming is, obviously, one of the top world’s most famous software companies in the online game industry. Huge number of virtual casinos have already installed the company's software, as it supplies the best game products, solutions and services. Feel free to apply to the company for such classic games as Dream Catcher, Deal or No Deal, and Lightning Roulette. Evolution Gaming live games range from Caribbean Stud poker, three card poker, baccarat to a traditional roulette. The company also possesses side bets tables, pleases you with cool bonuses and high stake limits.

Established: 1996

Games: 500+

Location: Isle of Man

NetEnt is a distributor of digital gaming systems to the world’s most luxurious online casinos. It supplies a tremendous variety of games to virtual venues, including those having top-quality audio systems, which help to create a true casino atmosphere and help players to dive in. The company designs games for online gambling, such as blackjack and roulette, which are always in demand. The company itself has become immensely popular among players all around the globe due to qualitative broadcast and professional team-work. Thanks to the company’s profound knowledge and extensive experience in the gamedev industry, its reputation as a top company is unquestionable.

Established: 1999

Games: 500+

Location: Isle of Man

The Playtech game company history dates back to 1999, which represents the company’s solid experience in online gamedev. Apart from designing game programs, poker online and online tables, Playtech provides sport bets, online bingo and online arcade games with fixed coefficients. Modern, top-notch software boosts the quality of the company’s live game products and makes it superb. This is why it’s expected for many of the world’s best online gambling platforms to apply Playtech software. So, if you choose online casinos applying these products, you will always have excellent gaming options at your disposal.

Established: 2013

Games: 20+

Location: Romania

Plenty of the world's most famous online casinos cooperate with Ezugi. The software created by the company is of high quality which makes it a good fit for any online gaming business. Ezugi is a rookie in gamedev, but has already splashed! Along with supplying multiple live games, the company makes it possible for players to benefit from making side bets in the majority of the company's games. Latest online casino games provided by Ezugi comprise both traditional games like poker, baccarat, roulette and unique ones, such as Bet on Numbers and Live Keno. Most games are usually streamed from fancy studios. Stay tuned to figure out your personal games from this vendor.

The Quality of Streaming 📹

 If you are not an online casino experienced game, but still find the idea extremely attractive and profitable and if you'd love to benefit from it, please, pay attention to the details below so as not to rain on your own parade. When you’re hesitating whether to sign up a live dealer casino or not, take into consideration the hosting country. If you didn’t manage to google information about the region, the best option is to choose another casino.

 Online tables are usually prone to streaming either from a classic brick-and-mortar casino or from a live casino website. Poor streaming and software quality also warn you to stay out of that casino. If there are any problems while making bets or reaching the live chat operator, etc., it certainly means that something is wrong, and it isn't worth signing up to this casino.

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The Game in Progress 🎲 

 The process can slightly vary, based on the game type you are involved in. Let's imagine the picture of you playing roulette. The very first thing is that the software will process data and show you the dealer and the picture that is compatible with live streams and the interactive user interface. Later on, the server will transmit the already processed data for all the participants of the game to have access to it. Players are expected to bet and the dealer will ask some questions to get some side information.

 Then, the bets that players made will be processed by the utilities the casino runs on. The dealer makes a “No more bets” announcement and players will get the message right through the server. Thus, the betting buttons are no more active. After the dealer spins the wheel, the result will be shown by the cameras available. Singaporean players find out the results in a second and the information about the winners and those who failed is immediately available on their screens. If players are eager to continue, they are to repeat the above-mentioned steps when the round is over.